Here's Your Total Online Presence and Marketing Solution

Here's Your Total Online Presence and Marketing Solution

Your job is running your business - the people, the products, the quality, the service. Our job is understanding how your online presence can get you discovered and increase your bottom line. Excel at your job by hiring us to excel at ours. The result will be increased productivity and profits for your business.

When it comes to how your business looks on the Web, you do not want it disorganized, inconsistent, and unfinished. These assets need to be working for you. Many business owners don't know what to do or how to do it. Many efforts are started and never maintained, while other efforts are headed up by employees that already have plenty to do - and don't have the time, experience, or skills to run an effective content marketing plan.

Wisdom and Effort


Companies don't have time and their employees don't have the time. When they try to commit the resources, something always takes precedence and their inbound marketing gets ignored.


From website design to social media management to search engine optimization to content marketing, CMS4i takes care of your total online presence in one, complete, comprehensive approach.

Here's what CMS4i will do. All for one EXTREMELY reasonable monthly price.

Website - Build a new, modern, mobile-friendly primary website for you. Includes:

  • Migrate all existing (old site) content and add additional SEO optimized product, service, vendor, and pages. Add photo galleries, document repositories, contact maps, events calendars, and much more.
  • Install and set up Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools


Blog - Establish a professional company blog. Includes:

  • Use of professional, relevant images; SEO optimized descriptions and titles.
  • Create blog posts geared to your industry and products


Social Media - Establish professional social media brand - setup / improve / polish / and manage all your social media sites. Includes:

  • YouTube, LinkedIn Company Page, Facebook Company Page, Twitter
  • Add posts and tweets; add videos to YouTube


Email Marketing - Custom Newsletter

  • Design mobile friendly email template
  • Curate content and send out newsletters


Partner with CMS4i. Attain the leadership position in your market and grow your business. It is/can be that simple.

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